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await ()
I am stuck here. Is this a bug in windows phone RT? or I am doing something wrong?

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The difference must be because I never test Geolocator or map apis in the emulator, only on the physical Small - Microsoft Escalation Engineer - Forum Moderator
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Db:: ::await does not

Set up the iOS app development environment that you'll be using to create your apps. This includes installing and setting up the CocoaPods environment.

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OK, after using Windows Phone 8, I was able to get it to compile (thought I had to remove
Banding=Windows not sure where that comes from)I am not sure how to get it to run in Emulator though as it never signs in the user. I guess it looking for a live account to be setup, so not sure if there is a way to prompt the user to sign in.

This has been a big issue that one of the big new networks covered and they were reporting that if the phone is set to include the geolocation, a really bad person can find out where your children hang out. That s way you have to decide weather or not it is an issue for you. If you want to remain unknown as far as location then you need to disable geolocation on your phone.

The Self-Service Portal provides web-based access to the features of SystemCenter7567–ServiceManager. This section describes how you can deploy the Self-Service Portal, and it includes information for configuring
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).
The Self-Service Portal in SystemCenter7567–ServiceManager is a SharePoint website that is accompanied by a set of Microsoft Silverlight applications. The Self-Service Portal consists of two elements:

I have updated servers and consoles (RU8), tried to access portal under user right and do not see scroll bar, Logo and Create Request button are not visible, I found this old post

async void LocateDistrict ()
MessageDialog dialogue
Geolocator locator = new Geolocator ()
bool exceptionOccured = false
Type exceptionType = typeof (Exception)
var location = await ()

To embed video directly into the page use [[embedvideo]]. [[/embedvideo]] block.
Between the the embedding html code should be placed from any of the following video online galleries:

For example, for web applications such as the one we're building, you could choose to make this sample app available to Office 865 organizations other than your developer organization.

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